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Monday, January 24, 2011

kind diet by alicia silversone

Like lots of celebs Alicia Silverstone has published a book. And I have to say this book is not bad.
She covers all the different reasons why she eats a plant based diet in an easy to understand form (health, animal and environment aspect) and I can feel how passionate she is about her organic vegan whole food diet.

Readers choose from three different entry points into The Kind Diet, from the first, "flirting," stage to the "ultimate superhero" stage. The flirt level encourages readers to slowly replace meats with plant-based foods and suggests they will see immediate results to spur them on to the next level. "Vegan" is the next tier, eliminating all animal products but allowing meat substitutes, grains, fruits and vegetables. The final, "superhero" stage is a diet built mostly on grains and sea vegetables.

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