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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

food and fitness event at RealFoods

Last night I went to an event at the the RealFoods (the RMIT University Student Union's organic, vegetarian cafe). An evening of food demos from raw food chef Ace Rosengarten and cutting edge sports nutrition advice, and fighting fit fitness tips with special guests: ‘Mr Natural Universe’ bodybuilding champ Billy Simmonds. there were also storeholders such as Pura Veda and Aclara Health with their coconut. The place was packed with people who are eager to learn from the event.
I love going to an event like this, where I get to talk to people and listen to people who are very passionate about what they do and what they believe in. The knowledge that they have is incredible, even though I or my body may not agree 100 percent with what they follow I can always learn somethings from their knowledge and apply to and also question my currant lifestyle and diet.

Also I was fortunate enough to be asked to supply some meals for them

Raw Bento boxes :

-semi-dried tomato steak with marinated spinach and butternut bits with mixed nut cream
cumin spiced fruit and nut carrot and sweet potato rice served with corn tortilla bread

-vegetable and kelp noodles with creamy satay sauce, served with a marinated vegetables skewer and chewy eggplant "bacon"

Raw salad :
wilted kale and grated beetroot and carrot salad with mildly spiced activated seed mix

Cooked salad :
slowly baked pumpkin and sprouted chickpea salad

Brown rice sushi :
- marinated tofu and tempeh with grated vegetables and sweet miso paste

- pumpkin and hummus loaf with tahini and salad

The RMIT University Student Union's student-volunteer run café full of delicious, REAL, ethical, animal-free, locally sourced, fairtrade, organic & biodynamic meals, snacks & drinks on campus

The cafe is managed by Lucy stegley (aka smoothie girl) who are so warm and generous all time with a lot of energy. there was a lot of preparation to be done to organise and run an event such as this. Well done and thank you, Lucy.


  1. Hi Shokuiku. The dishes that you presented were amazing and they looked healthy and delicious. Hope that I have the chance to attend theevent like this and your demonstration as well. Keep up your great work!

    1. Hi Lynne,
      thanks so much for the comment. RealFoods organise a event pretty regularly and I am sure there is one coming up for the next semester. Hope you can make it again.

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