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Saturday, May 26, 2012

still raw, vegan, organic and now agave free truffles

My raw chocolate  truffles have been my signature product for a long time. lots of people love them and no wander as they are so delicious. However I have to confess I haven't been too happy with the product for a while now. As I knew more about the  sweetener (agave nectar) that I was using for the truffles and reported negative effects and about scientific studies I found, I was feeling less excited about my truffles.
I don't want to list why I decided not to use agave nectar in any of my products, as there are many great, respectable companies use them and that is their decision. I just decided not to for my own reasons.
It was kind of awkward decision for me. They were like my little babies who I started making them at very early stage of my business. I thought about not making them anymore. Then I changed my mind. I have adjusted the ingredients and now they are agave free as well. Still raw, vegan and organic.
Due to more labour intensive process and ingredient change I have no choice but to increase the price. Please don't put off by it, do try one and let me know what you think.

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