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Sunday, August 19, 2012

my gourmet lunch today.raw tart with macadamia cream and nuts free banana and chocolate tart

I usually eat very simply. But today I am in an experimental state of mind. 
So this is what I made today for my lunch. with this kind of raw food it does take a bit of preparation. Soaking , dehydrating does take time and also a bit of planning. But when its done the reward is definitely there!

 tart shells made with almond and chia seed.
fill with finely cut broccoli and red onion that has been soaked in water.
Cover with macadamia cream (simply blend soaked macadamia and water, lemon juice, garlic and seasoning)
then pop them in a dehydrator.
after about 6 hours or so.

then dessert time :-)

I have been trying to cut down the amount of nuts in general.  Raw desserts are the greatest but they tend to contain a lot of nuts and make them quite high in fat. Don't get me wrong. unprocessed fat is so much better than processed fat, especially cooked or deep fried. They oxidise above certain temperature and become quite harmful to your body.
raw unprocessed fat from whole foods such as nuts, seeds, coconut, avocado etc retain much more nutrients and I believe we all need them. 

But sometimes I do go overboard. avocado, nuts and seeds and those coconut butter ohhhh......

anyway this is nut free decadent layer tart.
crust with coconut, pumpkin seeds and prunes
vanilla layer with banana, lucuma and dates
chocolate layer with avocado, dates and strawberries

top with chocolate alphabets. how would you spell yours?

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