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Saturday, February 23, 2013

dinner 2nd March menu

I have been getting such a great response from the customers and everyday I am so grateful to have this place to share my meals and passion with people.  Thank you to everyone who have come to the cafe since we opened.

I am excited to be starting dinner from next saturday (2nd march) here is the menu for march.
(it may change slightly, depending on the availability)

As we don't have many seatings I would recommend you to book a table.

because this is the first dinner we are doing we are offering $40 for entree, main, salad and dessert!

dinner menu 
March 2013

first course  $10
mandolined beetroot with pesto served with  fennel and carrot cream
sushi rolls served with pickled ginger and sesame-tamari sauce

Second course  $18
raw lasagna -layers of zucchini sheets, cayenne spiced marinara sauce, macadamia ricotta, green pesto and fresh tomato
vegetable spaghetti with salsa finta and almond polpetta -spiralised zucchini served with traditional tomato sauce and almond and herb balls

side salad  $8
daikon salad with mineral rich seaweed, served with miso and ginger dressing
kale salad with creamy hemp marinade

Desserts  $10
classic double layer chocolate cake served with coconut cream
vanilla and blackberry swirl cheesecake served with blackberry sauce

or $40 for three course meal with side salad

Warm drinks
herbal tea $3.00
tonic tea $3.50
teeccino (herbal coffee) - ask for different flavours  $3.50 (.50 extra  for our freshly made almond milk)
warm cacao $5.00 (warmed in vitamix only)


  1. menu sounds wonderful. I dont look forward to picking only one of those lovely sounding desserts though. they both sound divine!

  2. thank you sara. of course you can have two desserts if you have some room left in your stomach. that is what I would do :-)

  3. Morning Shokuiku,

    As Sara stated the menu sounds amazing and would absolutley love to expience it.
    Just wondering where you are located exactly and what time. Also would Saturday's dinner be a permanent fixturte; as I'm sure it would popular enough and might not be able to attend this Saturday.

    Warm regards,


    1. Hi Rebecca, we will always have saturday dinner. the menu changes monthly so this will be the same for this month only and if you would like to book this week for any saturdays in the future I have a special price still for $40 for the course. I might not be checking the blogsite so if you would like to book please email me,
      hope to see you soon.

  4. Sounds like an amazing menu Yoko. It would be very hard to choose as all the dishes sound delicious. I will definitely be coming to sample your menu. I called in for lunch last Saturday and had a fantastic salad plate. The flavours were incredible and the fruit smoothie was heaven!
    Congratulations! Love Maureen

  5. Maureen. thank you always for your support. I really appreciate it xxx

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