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Sunday, June 30, 2013

shokuiku revamped!

what a month!
If you have come in recently you may have noticed a new addition to the cafe.
Beautiful art work from a great friend of mine, Naoko.
I fell in love with this at the first time I saw it. then she came in one day to explain what it is meant to her.  She said she feels like she was floating like a piece of cloud when she arrived here from her native country , Japan. This art work symbolises australia from her point of view as a little pieces (us) come together to form this country. The beautiful colour was inspired by the sunrise/sunset she encountered on the plane when she was coming back to australia from a break away.  Now I see it in a different light. so powerful and beautiful. I am so grateful to have this part of her here at the cafe.

And another exciting things  are these beautiful boxes, made with all recycled timber by highly skilled carpenter, Loren, who helped me set up this place also. his attention to the details are incredible. We are using this space to display more packaged products now. full of amazing super foods, herbs, teas and raw snacks for you to try.

I am working on another detailed book that you can browse on super foods and herbs we carry.

I will be releasing a new menu for next month soon.
thank you for visiting and talk soon

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