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Monday, October 19, 2009

Because we couldn't stay another night at Shalom Hutte, we travelled down south of Nagano to stay at Yoshi Yoshi minsyuku.

I was sad to leave Shalom but when I met the host from Yoshi Yoshi I felt positive about the stay already. Carrying an one year old boy he rushed around to find a toilet for layla! (,who didn't want to use Japanese squat style toilet)

And the meals were fantastic!!!

Very different from European style dishes at Shalom Hutte. The meals here were traditional Japanese,
touch of Shoushin (Buddhist temple meals) Lots of things I haven't tried before and I really liked it.

Next day the host took us to his farm.
we pulled a couple of daikons, sweet potatoes.
There are soy beans, millet and even rice too.

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