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Saturday, October 3, 2009

Here are some of the meals that were served in Shalom Hutte.

All the meals are vegan, macrobiotic friendly and most of the produce they use are organic and fresh from their own garden. They bake their own naturally leavened bread as well.

Because it was their late summer they had abundant supply of nightshade vegetables such as eggplants, tomatoes etc. I hardly ever cook those vegetables myself these days but I did enjoy them for a special occasions.

meals are European inspired with many interesting sauces to make the dish more tasty and interesting. The courses start with an entree, soup, the main dish and then of course a dessert to finish off.

Nicely presented too.

Breakfast was buffet style. steamed brown rice bread was my favourite, served with homemade soy butter or/and sesame and miso spread.

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