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Sunday, July 25, 2010

shakhari restaurant

It was my birthday so I decided to take myself out for a nice meal. The place has to be special.... as I found that most of the time going out for a meal is so disappointing. Shakhari???? yes! And I did make a good choice!

2 and half of us had ...
avocado magic- tempura fried avocado and capsicum pieces wrapped in a sliced eggplant. The sweet coriander puree was beautiful
buckwheat flatbread - panfried flatbread with crunchy citrus cashew cream

vegetable curry cooked in coconut came with Kimchi, dhal, popodums, turmeric rice. (my favourite)
croquette with yam potato and macadamia nuts

for dessert...
apple crumble with soy chocolate ice cream (My daughter's favourite, of course)
cheesecake (I didn't, because it was a dairy cheesecake but apparently it was really good)

Most of the dishes there are vegan friendly even the desserts. We were there for about 2 hours enjoying a slow lunch in front of a fire. what more can I ask for?
Even a friend I went with, who is usually not a big fan of vegetarian food, was happy with the meal!

One of the delightful things about the restaurant is their service. We had a great waiter who served us.

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  1. I do love Shakahari, and their desserts are divine! As for best dishes, can't decide between the avocado rolls, the gnocchi with balsamic, or the green papaya salad!

    They need a vomitorium out the back so we can eat all of them in one go!