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Friday, October 22, 2010

my shopping spree!

I have been wanting to get a couple of things for a long time. And I finally did!

1: water purifier

I was looking for something that can reduce the fluoride in the water. There are several methods for this purpose using a carbon filter retains natural energy and does not remove healthy minerals, unlike distilled water and reverse osmosis.
It removes impurities such as bacteria, chlorine, amoeba, suspended solids, organic pesticides, heavy metals and cysts. And it tastes better!


If you want the best blender. this is it! This high power blender does almost everything (well it doesn't clean your house but we are not talking about that, are we)
It makes tahini, nut butter, creamy raw cheesecake, soy milk, nut milk etc.etc
I made this beautiful almond cheese and so addicted now. I do love nut butter that you get too but I suppose those nuts have not been soaked beforehand and proberbly oxidised by the time it's on the shelf. that is the same with Tahini. So from now on I can make it myself!
I made almond milk too. Yesterday was a beautiful warm day so a glass of homemade blueberry smoothie with hidden cholera for my daughter after school and she enjoyed it very much. and she had a purple mastache afterwards.

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