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Monday, August 15, 2011

nutrition for a broken arm

some of you may know that I had an accident. I ride my bicycle everywhere, and I have to admit i can be called a bit "clumsy"... But this one was pretty bad. how did it happen? well, one of those car opening without looking out for a bike incident.
Anyway now I have a broken arm and smashed elbow bones that are somehow put together with wires. I had to go under general anathetic and stayed at the hospital for a couple of nights. As much as I disliked being at the hospital environment I have a new admiration for such caring people who work there. Such special people.

As a person who tries to stay away from conventional medications having all those antibiotics and pain killers they put in my body was not pleasant. And because my body was not used to it it affected me more.

Cortisone in a pain killer tablets made me feel dizzy and fainted. And the antibiotics made my stomach weak and irritated.

After the accident and the operation I only took 2 tablets of pain killers after all.

So It has been a week. I thought I 'd write down the micronutrients that are good for my current condition

Bone building nutrients - calcium, magnesium, phosphorus and vitamin D as well as chlorophyll
Silica to help the body absorb calcium and promote bone tissue healing
Vitamin C to promote bone healing
EFA to help regulate the inflammation response
Zinc for wound and tissue healing
lactobacillus acidophilus and bifidobacterium bifidus after the doses of antibiotics
Garlic for antibacterial property.

Basically good wholefood diet!

I can't wait for the recovery but at the same time I have to thank for this opportunities to realise a few things. Thank you for the people who helped me and supported me physically and emotionally. And thank you for making me realise how the life is so precious and also fragile.

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  1. Get better... and great advice on these foods.