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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

photo shoot

the biggest thanks to Greg Sims who took his valuable time to come and take these amazing photos...

This is the third photo shoot that I have done for my sweets and meals. After the cold weather and having richer foods I couldn't wait to make some dishes which are lighter and some raw as well. Many people have started realising the benefits of having more fresh vegetables and sprouts. There are so many reasons to include this exciting diet in your whole foods cooking. I have added a brief information on my website so be sure to check it out.

-almond cream filled puff pastry topped with spiced sliced pear
-raw marble cheesecake with goji berries and chocolate
-sourdough sprouted sandwich filled with pate, tamarillo and apple chutney and sunflower seed yoghurt.
-mushroom and avocado quiche topped with millet white sauce served with romera and wild rice salad
-raw zucchini pasta marinated in teriyaki sauce
-black bean and almond burger coated with dessicated coconut, served with buckwheat dhal
-sprouted quinoa stack with avocado and grapefruit
-coconut macaroon
-amazake and fruit kanten

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