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Thursday, October 13, 2011

feed your mind!

thanks to Real Foods at RMIT I went to a great event on Tuesday.
there were food demonstrations and great crowds. well done for organising this Event!
I was fortunate enough to supply their bento boxes, salads and brown rice sushi rolls that night.

-veggie loaf layered with marinated brown mushrooms, creamy spinach and cashew filling with a miso almond crust.
served with almond mayo and salad
-walnut, cranberry, orange "rice" with spiral vegetables in a spicy tahini sauce

-Beetroot and apple with creamy ranch style dressing
-Cabbage and seaweed coleslaw with Asian style garlic dressing

Brown rice sushi
-sweet and salty tempeh/tofu cubes, grated beetroot and natto miso paste
-sunflower pate, curry oven baked zucchini strips and coconut flakes

Hope they will be organising more of these fantastic events next year!

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