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Thursday, October 27, 2011

vegan day in Melbourne demo

I will be doing a brief demo at World Vegan day on 6th of November. My schedule time is at 1pm.

Here is the info on my demo

Yoko Inoue
Yoko Inoue always had a passion for good food. But she first discovered the importance and relationship of the good health, diet and lifestyle choices when her daughter was born. The desire to feed her and herself right she explored the world of healing natural foods. She studied macrobiotic, which emphasizes the use of organic unrefined grains, beans, vegetables and seaweed, with Kushi institute in Japan. After studying to become a holistic nutritionist as well she discovered another world of raw and living foods philosophy.

Her company introduces whole foods cooking, using healing organic ingredients like unrefined grains, soy products, beans and legumes as well as fresh seasonal fruits and vegetables, as well as those super foods such as goji berries, raw cocoa, coconut, maca powder etc. It offers the diet that includes nutrient-rich whole foods, creating balance through an awareness of the natural energies of food, taking into consideration the individual’s constitution and health condition. The cooking style is based on japanese cooking, which is enhanced with contemporary and traditional ideas from cuisines around the world using macrobiotic and raw diet, living foods philosophy, integrating the knowledge from both East Asian system and modern nutrition.

The services include catering, regular cooking classes, meal deliveries and private chef services.

Yoko Inoue will be talking about the importance of not high calorie but high nutrition diet as well as foods as medicine to heal your body and mind, changing ones diet and cooking style according to the environment and his/her individual needs. Small sampling of some of healing ingredients she often uses in her cooking will be offered throughout the demonstration. (numbers limited)

check out their website

There will be heaps of things happening throughout the day.
different talks, arts, kids activities, and of course food stalls!

look forward to seeing you there

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