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Saturday, December 10, 2011

cooking class summer session 2011

Thanks for people who came to do a cooking class with me today. Many times my clients or people who are interested in my services are already either vegetarian, vegan or health conscious people. Today I had a quite interesting mix. Only one person was on a vegetarian diet but they all have a passion for great food and cooking. One person was working as a naturalpath, one used to live in Japan and practice macrobiotic, one is already an amazing cook making most of the dishes from scratch. It was great to have their input.

We made..
marinated kale with paprika spiced cashew mayonnaise (raw)
millet couscous with cubed sweet potato and garden herbs
walnut furikake (seasoning) (raw)
Red kidney bean curry with freshly grounded curry spices
mango chutney with cumin and ginger (raw)
Big summer salad dressed with apple dressing (raw)
(today we used rocket and lettuce mix with corn, beetroot, radish and wakame)

And of course we finished with decadent dessert
cashew and strawberry slice (raw)
chocolate truffles (raw)

Summer is the time to include more raw and lighter cooking method. reduce the amount of salt and oil and use more water compare to colder months. A little spicy and pungent flavour can work well in summer.

yummm :-)

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