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Thursday, July 26, 2012

my birthday! thought on giving and receiving

here it is. another birthday. It seems like another year has gone past me so fast. Does that mean I am not focusing on "now" ? or I am not sure.

Anyway, with all the lovely people wishing me a happy birthday and of course from my daughter I had a great day.
probably she was more excited to give me the  presents she made than I was to receive it. She was planning it a month in an advance and when finished making them she even asked to see if she could give them to me then!
that got me thinking about "giving and receiving" some people associate "it is better to give than to receive" in a religious way but I see it as just the way of life.
We all have done this. Anytime you do something for others you do get something in return , even if that is just a warm fuzzy feeling of satisfaction. I don't see having expectation on receiving when giving is a bad thing. I know it would feel good to do something to help others even if they don't return the gratitude straight away. I suppose it is my selfish kind of way to bring my positive energy for me. But when you expect others to return what you have given then that act becomes more stressful than it needs to be. You give someone a present and they don't appreciate it as much as you expected them to. You cover a work shift for you colleague and she wouldn't do the same for you. Then you think WHY BOTHER!
recently I have been asking myself "what is my expectation? and intention?" before doing something for others on some occasions. cheesy as it may sound it is "to feel good" when I release the need to control what I may or should receive in return I get enough , if not more in return.

oh here is what I could expect to be good. my raw chocolate cake layered with creamy vanilla cream.
the best way to eat them is to share with others xxx

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