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Thursday, July 12, 2012

what makes me powerful.

I have finally moved in to my new house. It seemed like a long time ago that i was desperately looking for a place to buy.
"You are just rushing into it" "The market is unstable at the moment" "You just need a unit with a small courtyard""you should wait till spring" "you shouldn't buy a house you are not that practical" "You can't afford it" I hear these comments made by others as well as myself when I was looking. When you are told that you are a certain thing you start to believe that is true. It is great if that is something positive. However if you hear again and again that you are not good enough for your dreams and desire you start to doubt your ability. Even now I have cut out many of these people who can be a negative influence to my life I still hear them in my head.
One of the things that motivated me to buy a house was my daughter. I wanted to give a security that she used to have when we were living in a previous house. I cannot give her the security and happiness she had in a house with her mum and dad together anymore but I now can give her a home that is hers and mine to create together. Probably she wouldn't have cared as much as I thought she would. Kids are amazing that way, adapting to a new environment or situation. Nut when she said to me "thanks for buying our home, Mum" I knew this is what I needed to do.
For the last couple of weeks I was feeling again doubtful. I was starting to question if I made a mistake. Especially seeing my bank account getting lower and lower (!) I was feeling down. Then this morning I was out in the garden and suddenly feeling so powerful. Maybe the energy that the nature was giving me. But I felt so certain that I did make a right choice. Knowing that I did this on my own this time with other supportive people around me. I have a responsibility but also freedom to be as strong and independent as I could.
this is what makes me feel powerful. I am nothing yet everything

what makes you feel powerful?

this is from one of my favourite blogger. she writes such a beautiful blog. love this one!

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