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Thursday, September 6, 2012

spring eating macrobiotic way

Wow, finally spring is here. It seemed like the weather chaged so suddenly in the last couple of days.
At every seasonal change it is a good time to look at our eating patterns to accommodate our needs. As the the environment around us changes how and what we eat should change as well.

In Spring, there are rising and upward energy everywhere. No wonder... spring is a new beginning for many plants and animals.
For us it is a good time to cleanse. some may decide to do a simple fasting to get rid of the heavy foods that you may have consumed over the cold months. ( I certainly did!)

Food that is good for Spring is
with upward energy
 - young shoots of vegetables, green leafy vegetables dandelion is one of my favourite in spring!)
these are often quite pungent in flavour as well.
-sour foods
foods such as lemons, umeboshi is great as it helps to dissolve fatty elements of food
pungent food
- many pungent herbs can be used. such as
 fennel, marjoram, rosemary, caraway, dill etc.
raw and sprouted food
if you are cooking, it is best cooked for a short time in a lighter style. (quick saute or light steaming)

Of course you need to consider your own constitute as well.

This is the time to give attention to your true nature. go for a walk! moderate excise daily gives you refreshing and upward energy.

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