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Sunday, November 4, 2012

review for documentary "the cure is"

thanks to Shannon from conscious life media I got to see this documentary "the cure is"
Before I watched this I thought this is about the relationship between what you eat and your health. But this documentary is more than that.
your emotions, mind, stress levels play major part in your health. Did you know that genes don't control your biology? Less than10 percent of diseases are passed through genes. the rest, you guessed it!, through your lifestyle.
It is very empowering. We can control our destiny by changing our thought, what we eat and how we deal with the world every day. The genes does not control us.
I am inspired, motivated and feeling strong and empowered. great film to watch to remind you of what is important.
this film features many respected experts, including Dr. BernieSiegel, M.D.  Bruce H.Lipton PhdDr. JoelFuhrman M.D.  and Dr. SueMorter
It will be available 0n 11th November 2012.  

highly recommend this documentary. This is something that you want to watch again and again to remind you of the truth, truth that everything is a miracle including yourself. "the cure is you"

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