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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

why can't we give a certain food?

I was talking to a friend the other day about which food we want to have less of, but find it hard to do so. I couldn't think of any. I did mention chocolate and maybe not so much nuts and seeds. but I have no intension of giving up entirely!
Because there are so many different opinions on what is "good" and what is "bad" , and also I believe everyone is different and react in a different way toward certain foods I am not here to categorise what needs to be avoided etc.

I just find it quite interesting to observe what stops people to give up certain food that they know they should. they appreciate the logic and sensibility of healthier diet. The value of having more energy and feeling of well-being. Against all that wisdom what makes them hesitant in changing their habits?
There are some obvious factors such as
Convenience - fast food chains at every corners!!
Cheaper Price - what? $1 for a big milkshake???
and then, for some these are foods that are part of the social landscape or work and family environments.
Finally, there is a taste factors. (Although when you start eating cleanly most of the "junk" food tastes all the same and not pleasant)
so, why are some things easier to give up than others? if you are told to give up cholorella, would you find it so hard? why does giving up certain food feel like serious deprivation?

It is true that our tastes are established before we are born. Experts have found that a mother's diet during pregnancy have a big effect on a baby's taste. We also develop emotional associations with certain foods thorough early and/or recurring memories. Any meaningful experiences like home traditions can create these connections.
Our moods can influence our vulnerability as well. Emotional eating, binging can flare up at the time of stress. Unfortunately it is more likely that you feel worse with the feeling of guilt.
When you become taken in by a sudden urge to indulge, there are some things you can do.
-the out of sight, out mind approach (the more hassle it is to get the that food, the less likely you'll bother with it)
-taking a brief walk of do something to distract you
-find out what is driving you (is it hormonal? or a nutritional deficiency? or unconscious reasons that you need to sort out?)
-alternative therapy such as acupuncture can be effective
-find something healthier alternative to give you similar tasting pleasure. (replacing commercially made burger with ones you made yourself, factory made corn syrup ice-cream with coconut, cashew ice-cream etc.) options are endless these days
The certain food offers momentary pleasure. But what if giving them up means more energy, less congestion, more restfulness, less medicated?
No one is perfect. Our mind feeds our body as much as great diet and lifestyle. Don't feel guilty about a little slip now and then because it is about learning to respect and listen to your body.

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