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Saturday, December 8, 2012

dear all the health concious mothers out there

I am sure i am not alone here. There must be so many mothers and fathers who feed theire children in a councious way. some may be vegetarians or vegans. Some may not want thire children having refined sugar or processed foods. The children might have intolerance or allergies. whatever the reasons may be I know it is tough out there!

when my daughter was a baby it was easier. I was always around and she had no say. Then as she got older and started noticing what others were eating.  She was getting invited to other people's homes and different functions. I couldn't control anymore.
For a few years I found it really difficult. I avoided many functions because I knew there will be food that I don't want my daughter to have. even if we did go I was always looking out for the "wrong" food being offered to her. I couldn't relax and of course my daughter could sense the tension.

After many trials and errors I have come to accept the fact that she is not me. I know.. it is so obvious, right? it is about honouring my own principles without judging or taking control of others. And that includes my own daughter. Once I started being aware of this I feel she started to be more open and also respect my wishes.

You will have to find what works for you and your family but this is what works for me at this time.
When she is with me she knows what I stand for. She knows where I draw a line and within that she has control over her food choices. When she is looked after by others it is up to her to decide what she has.

It can be so frustrating as a parent who want the best for our children. everywhere you look there are attracting advertisement and social pressure to discourage your best intensions. I still find it s frustrating to see big fast food chains targeting young children, cardial and fake icecream and white bread and sausages offered at school. And why children's birthday has to have soggy chips and sausage rolls with bright colour lollies? the list goes on and on.
 that is why it is so important to teach our children what the real food is. It works better than trying to control every situations.... because you just can't!

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