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Friday, August 28, 2009


bread is one of essential food products for many people. It provides energy from its carbohydrate contents. However consuming too much of the baked processed grain (that includes wholemeal) could make you feel sluggish and heavy. The commercially processed flour is likely to be oxidised from the high heat through the milling process as well.

there are alternatives!

I stone-mill my own flour to avoid oxidation and make sour dough bread.

Essence bread!

how I love this heavy sweet bread....

(this is my lunch today. freshly steamed essence bread served with water sauteed vegetables with miso. My own black and white sesame paste and activated nuts add different texture)

I firstly soak grains, sprout them. Mash or food precess it all together and then bake or steam.
You can also purchase one from many health food stores now.

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