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Thursday, August 6, 2009

cooking class

Thanks to everyone who attended last night' macrobiotic cooking class in Yarraville.
I had a great time.
I'd set up a winter menu which was
warming miso hot pot with sweet winter vegetables
Spiced millet with deep fried tempeh triangles
Seaweed salad with rocket
cereal Bar.
We made the first two last night plus I had raw chocolate truffles for samples. And we will make the rest next week.
There were lots of ingredients that were new to most of the participants and I am glad to say they were enjoyed very much.
Millet is unfortunately associated a lot as a "bird food'' however is is so easy to cook and very good warming grain with a texture a bit like couscous.
Tempeh also is a good protein source with the additional benefit of fermentation.
and don't forget the superfood goji berries which were stirred through with the spiced millet. The colour of the dish was beautiful.
Looking forward to next week....

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