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Sunday, December 26, 2010

christmas pudding update and our christmas lunch

after all that waiting, yesterday was christmas! My daughter was so excited and woke up at 6:30am, (even though she is usually a sleepy head like her daddy) running to see if there was something from Santa!
The weather was nice and perfect for a nice family day.
Neither my partner or I have families in Melbourne or in Australia so the christmas is usually a quiet affair. This year we invited a good friend of ours and her adorable daughter and had a christmas lunch.

The menu was....
slow roasted root vegetables with whole sweet garlic.
Grilled whole snapper served with chunky tomato salsa
Green salad with roasted nuts dressed in liquid gold dressing.
kalamata olive tapanade

and the christmas pudding served with vanilla custard.

my wonderful vegan friends and readers may be wondering "fiiiiiiish?"
I suppose even though I am on plant based diet 98 percent of time I recently realised it is a positive thing to be able to share something with other people. In our society the food is such a big thing and I have to say I did enjoy the experience yesterday. there are things that I wouldn't have such as meat and dairy because of my strong belief. It is different for everyone I am sure.

Animal food is an extremely yang food. It is a good idea to balance that out with more ying food. Lots of macrobiotic people consume seafood occasionally and often served with more ying food such as potatoes, tomatoes and dessert.

The christmas pudding was a great success!
so moist and very traditional minus all the refined sugar and animal products. I have to say I was a bit greedy. ( I had the biggest piece...)

Merry christmas!

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