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Monday, December 13, 2010

christmas pudding

I have to say I am not really into christmas. I suppose I am not a religious person and where I grew up the christmas was not really an important family event either. We did celebrate christmas but not like it is celebrated here.
As much as I think the whole thing can be all about commercialism and presents and etc..... I do understand christmas is the time to bring people together.
This year I decided to make a christmas pudding. Vegan version that is. Lots of vegan christmas puddings contain vegetarian suet or margarine, which I 'd rather not use. but hopefully my receipe will work.

the first thing of course is to soak some dried fruits. I used raisins, goji berries, chopped figs and apricots. along with chopped almonds and sunflower seeds, lemon and orange zest, grated ginger and spices, I left it in some freshly squeezed orange juice, rice and maple syrup and brandy. when the mix was ready I mixed the wet ingredients with spelt flour, grounded almond, sourdough bread crumbs, coconut butter and non-dairy milk (I used coconut milk). Steamed it for4 hours. It is still left in the fridge and on the christmas I will be steaming it again for about 2 hours.
I will be making worm custard to go with it. maybe flavoured with vanilla.
I just hope it's not going to be a hot day though!

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