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Saturday, January 21, 2012

raw dessert tasting event after thought

what a day I had!
The raw dessert tasting event was a success, thanks to all the people who helped me and who came to the event on Saturday afternoon.

I have planned for this for a long time and made 11 different dishes.

Summer apricot parfait
Layer of vanilla cream and apricot mousse with chocolate crust, topped with chocolate shave

Banana Ice Cream Tart
Simple but creamy banana filling topped with carob caramel in coconut crust

Chocolate chewie
chewy chocolate biscuits with coconut

Double chocolate cake
Classic chocolate cake with chocolate mousse,

Cherry Shortcake
Crusty outside and moist and chewy on the inside, topped with cherry conserve

Chocolate and Orange Torte
Very decadent bitter sweet chocolate torte served with refreshing citrus cream

Chocolate truffles
Ultimate chocolate experience

Cinnamon and nutmeg roll served with caramel sauce
Semi soft cinnamon and nutmeg roll filled with hazelnut and goji berry

Plum bread
Sprouted buckwheat and sunflower seeds mixed with maca and natural fruits make the healthy on the go snack or breakfast

Triple berry cheesecake
Indulging yet refreshing cheesecake with blueberries, strawberries and raspberries on a smooth coconut base

I know, I have been busy!

I was lucky enough to be able to use the beautiful venue called "Monkey Bar " in Fitzroy North. With all the people who helped me, including my mum, who is here temporary from Japan, my daughter, a good friend of mine, Naoko and Greg who is a professional photographer who takes amazing photos for me the day went so well.

Events like this make people come together. The vibe was truly amazing and the energy from people who spared their busy time to come was something that I would have for a long time.

It was extra special for me because my mum was here with me. Through my life journey my parents have always been very supportive, especially some tough times that I had the last couple of years. I wanted to show my mum what I do and share this part of my life with her. Even though I was busy during the event I knew she was feeling the vibe with me, watching the people enjoying what I made, having a part of my passion and dream and taking them in.

The last couple of years I had many times doubted my ability. When I was told by a person who was closed to me that I was not good enough in many different ways over time I started to lose confidence in what I can do and who I was. Even though I emotionally responded and sometimes aggressively denied I know now that I started believing what was said. Now that I am not in that situation anymore and have lots of positive people around me I am regaining my confidence. But now and then I can still go back to my old way of thinking.
During the event today I found myself worrying if people are really enjoying the dishes I made even though I had overwhelming amount of positive responses. I suppose it is not bad, bad thing because that makes me want to try harder...

Thanks again
Can't wait to load up the Greg's photos to share!

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