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Friday, January 13, 2012

sponsoring a child with ActionAid

my daughter's table display......

This is so exciting...
Over the christmas period My daughter and I were talking about this world... She is 8 years old and I suppose she is coming to realise that it's not always happiness and joy in this world. The war, fighting, environmental problems, poverty, child labour, animal abuse ... there are so many things that are filled with sadness and fear.
Why does this happen? How did this happen? and why don't we do something? It's so stupid! She says..

We can do something, even a little bit, to make this place a bit better.
picking up someone else's rubbish
turning the light off when you are not using it
simply smile at someone you don't know and say hello.

But it was Christmas we decided to do something a bit more than that.
There are organisations that you can sponsor a child through. We chose Action aid

A couple days ago we received a photo and details about the girl we are sponsoring. Her name is Gloria. Gloria is from Uganda with three siblings. Our money goes to her education, basic living needs and also her family and village.
I am far away from wealthy. In fact I am a single mum who has to juggle work and family life somehow. But from knowing that this money will make more difference in Gloria and her family's life than my life is incredible.

I am not here saying that this is what everyone has to do. But we can all make a difference in this world in our own ways. And for me that gives me more happiness than anything else.

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