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Tuesday, May 21, 2013


cupuacu our next top superfood
have you already heard of this fruit?
You are not alone if you have never heard this
incredible superfood. when I discovered this a
while back I was so excited. many superfoods
we have can be quite challenging to our
tastebuds. Many bitter or sour taste that can be
hard to get used to. Cupuacu is NOT one of
them. I would describe it as a mix of pineapple
and banana. this unique fruit can be used in
smoothies and other desserts. I have used this
many times in our cakes, tarts and makes a
beautiful sweet coconut cream and ice cream
It is a tree that grows in south america and
belongs to the cacao family. It has been used by
indigenous peoples for centuries.

Cupuacu is extremely nutrient-dense. It is
often compared to the popular acai berry,
cupuacu has more nutrients per grams than the
berries do.
the primary beneficial ingredient is
“phytonutrient polyphenols”, theograndins
In addition, cupuacu is packed with vitamin B1,
B2, B3, both fatty and amino acids and at least
nine antioxidants. other nutrients including
calcium, selenium is found along with a high
flavanoid content.
one of the health benefit is stimulating the
immune system while simultaneously
supporting the body’s ability to fight disease. It
has an energy boosting effect like coffee but
without any side effect (aka tired feeling
afterward). it does not contain any caffein.
Other effects reported are healthier skin ahd
hair, lowered cholesterol levels and better
I am sure we don’t have to go on about how
anti oxidants are much needed. Cupuacu
contains rich array and concentration of
unique antioxidants. it is associated with
- neutralisation of free radicals
- improvement of circulateion
- lowered blood pressure
- balance cholesterol levels
- improve brain function
- anti ageing
- mental alertness
there was no way to get this amazing
product anywhere in australia. that is why I
had to import it myself. Now You can
include this too in your diet.
our cupacu is raw and wild crafted in
powdered form, which can be easily used in
many recipes
it is available for a purchase at our shop
120 high street, Northcote, VIC 3070.
or email me for your purchase.


  1. hahaha. tastes nothing like potatoes for sure. amazing exotic flavour . I am in love with cupuacu at the moment ;-)

  2. I thought the potatoes at first glance.