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Thursday, May 16, 2013

more blog articles coming!

When I was having a look thorough this blog the other day I thought myself thinking "wow, I haven't posted one for so long" I used to love doing my blog but I recently shifted focusing on sending private newsletters to people who have registered for my newsletters and updates.
I now decided to post the contents in the newsletters on this blog for everyone to see. This way I can reach more people plus we can look back to previous articles on the web as well.

I feel like a reborn blogger! I am so excited to restart this journey with you. If you still would like to register for updates from shokuiku I highly recommend you to do so. I would still be sending updates, specials, and more recipes this way.
I would also love to use this place for people to connect and encourage and inspire each other. that would be so much fun ;-)

If you follow me on Facebook, I posted this…

I just wanted to share this with you. I am not sure what sort of responses I get and maybe I shouldn't voice this out because there are many opinions out there. I was on "melbourne vegan Facebook group " and I was describing my cafe. as you may know all our dishes, drinks, and desserts are vegan but we do carry bee pollen and honey for people to have if they choose to. firstly I was mistaken for saying honey is vegan (which I know it is is not) and secondly I felt like being attacked because to some carrying bee products are unethical and it is not what I say I try to do. Our honey and bee pollen come from sustainable, organic and small bee keepers or wild crafted to make sure they are not given antibiotics and pesticides etc. Also I respect that the bees are an important component of organic and sustainable agriculture and is a powerful food to us. I do not like labelling my self as anything. if I start to call myself one thing it is hard to evolve and grow. I would feel so stuck in the box. I am just ME. we all try to be compassionate and to respect others's opinions and where they are at. Who are we to judge others anyway? we have so much to learn from each other and I am just grateful to have people around me to support and inspire me continuously. thank you for letting me who I am 
I received so many beautiful encouraging comments after this, moving to discuss who we are and believing in ourselves and not letting anyone or anything cloud up your forces. I don't mean that you shouldn't listen to other people's opinion. However if you feel judged or attacked I feel it is important to stop and check what you are doing in a compassionate way.

I do love what I do and I don't cut corners. I am so grateful the opportunity to express myself and my belief in this way and have so much support from you. But I am human after all.. I get insecure and start to doubt myself sometimes. It used to be harder to pull myself out this in the past. Now I have tools to find myself again. One of the tools i have is to reach out to people, who inspire me so much to keep going.
thank you.
Hay House World Summit
if you are interested in learning more about your inner strength Hay House is doing FREE global on line world summit in June. Amazing speakers such as : Louise HayWayne DyerEsther HicksSuze OrmanCheryl Richardson, and Doreen Virtue. and many more are involved in this. I cannot wait!

Our greatest strength lies in the gentleness and tenderness of our heart" - RUMII

I love this quote.

so I would love to hear your thoughts. have you ever felt judged by others? if so what did you do to pull yourself out of the cloudiness? comment below to let me know.

look forward to the next blog already

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