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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

menu for October 2013

dinner menu

october 2013

first course $12
brazil nut and rainbow pepper miso soup with kelp noodles
walnut balls served with spiced tomato jam

Second course $20
buckwheat and sunflower pizza crust topped with olive tapenade and cashew ricotta
curry spiced mushroom and coconut sauce served with vegetable rice

Side salad $9
apple and celery slaw with mint
beetroot and broccoli salad with apple cider vinaigrette with pine nut crisps

Dessert $10
yumberry and rose infused tart
mocha cream brownie stacks

or $46 for three course meal with a side salad

warm drinks
herbal tea $3.00
tonic tea $3.50
herbal coffee - ask for different flavours $3.50 (.50 c extra for our freshly made almond
warm cacao
warm chai
warm latte (with herbal coffee / no caffein)


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