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Friday, June 11, 2010


This is the book that inspired me to use more aromatherapy more in my life.
Like chocolate for woman

Now I have a collection of several essential oils.
Jasmine -exotic oil with a sensual aroma - helps you to move forward
Lime -zesty and refreshing aroma - helps you feel uplifted and light hearted
Lavender - universally loved oil- excellent for skin care, mental conditions and first aid for headaches, burns and stings.
Rose otto - queen of all flowers - nurturing the famine spirit
Tea tee - cleansing aroma - antiseptic. great for cleaning as well
Rosemary - brisk and refreshing aroma - great study aid
Frankincense - rich, strong and woody aroma with a hint of spice - like an armour. great for meditation
Bergamot - delicate citrus, floral aroma - great complement to any blend. keeps "butterflies" in your stomach
Geranium - green and floral aroma - helps restore equilibrium to body and soul.

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