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Thursday, June 24, 2010

seminar with David Briscoe

I went to a seminar with David Briscoe on Tuesday night. He is an experienced macrobiotic and wholefood
educators and counsellor from USA.

He talked about the way to re-balance your health through acid and alkaline balance.

Acid producing food (highly concentrated protein, fat foods and refined carbohydrates, especially sugar) can affect your health quite negatively. lots of common western diseases such as cancer, heart diseases, arthritis, diabetes, obesiity, allergies, immune disorders, osteoporosiis are said to be related to consuming the food that contributes the acidity in your internal fluid.

so what is an alkaline forming food?
so it is another reason to include more of it in your diet.
Another useful food to remember also is Umeboshi. This tart tasting pickled fruit is a superfood from Japan. you can also get a concentrated ume extract as well.
I use it to make a dressing, spread and it is great with any grains. When I make a rice ball to take with me I often put umeboshi with the rice because of its anti bacterial properties.

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