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Sunday, September 5, 2010

mesquite cookies

My daughter is always hungry. especially in the weekend. You will hear in her singing voice every 10 minutes "I'm hungry. I want to eat something!"
It is so easy to open a packet of pre-made snacks to give to a child. Even though I try to give her something healthy like crackers or rice cereal or pieces of vegetables, it is nice to say "ok let's make something to eat together"
We often make our own popcorn.
Yesterday we made a batch of mesquite crackers.
My daughter is older now that she can actually help and make the work easier. (Before it was sometimes easier and required less patience if I did it all myself!)

dry ingredients: wholemeal spelt flour, corn meal, mesquite powder, baking powder,grounded flax seed, salt, herbs
wet: rice milk, lemon juice, sesame oil

Rice milk and mesquite powder are naturally sweet so there is no need for an extra sugar.

A bit about the mesquite powder...
It contains good quantity of calcium, magnesium, potassium, iron and zinc. It is quite high in protein (lyisine). The flavour is subtly sweet with a hint of caramel.

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