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Saturday, September 18, 2010

ume extract

I think I have talked about acid and alkaline ration in the past. I am careful with what I eat but sometimes, I feel the body is out of balance. That could be a stress, pollution, or just plain run down from the hectic everyday living.
This is a product that is my rescue remedy for almost everything! Ume (japanese plum) is known for its alkalising effect. This extract is a concentrated extract made from hand picked plums grown in the Southern part of Kishu (Wakayama Prefecture), grated by an enamel grater, filtering the juice through a cotton cloth and obtaining the extract after carefully condensing it in an earthernware pot. This is 1kg of plums condensed into 20g, a sort of clump of plums,"mumefural" also containing citric acid, and beginning with calcium, also contains minerals such as iron, potassium and magnesium. it is extremely sour. You can dilute it with water and sweetner if you like or you can use for a dressing, sauces etc. I usually scoop a tiny bit out and just lick it off the spoon....


  1. Could you tell me where can I buy umeboshi extract? I found umeboshi plums but I think extract might be more convenient for me. And would you know where can I buy Denite toothpowder/toothpaste?
    thank you

  2. Hi Nevena,
    Ume extract can be bought from some healthfood stores. I think I saw one at wholefood in smith street.
    Denite toothpaste? you can try wholefood as well If you ask they sometimes can get them in. sells it too on line

    good lucK