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Friday, March 18, 2011

disaster in Japan

Personally this is quite an emotional time for me at the moment. One of the reasons is what has happened in Japan.
I don't know anyone who was affected greatly but there were a few relatives and friends whose houses were wrecked or decided to move away from where they lived for a while.
Seeing the devastating images and hearing the stories has been so hard. Even though I have been away from Japan for a long time it is my own country where lots of my loved ones live.
It is difficult to express how I really feel. my thought goes to all the people who were and are being affected and who are so generous with their time and effort.

There is some other thing going on in my life. To stabilise my emotional state there are things that I do
I make sure I am active during the day
going to bed early and sleep till I am ready to get up (which usually is quite early anyway)
-time to my self
For me having a quiet time to myself is very important. Usually in the morning before everyone gets up..
Bergamot, lavender,geranium, frankincense are my favourites
herbal tea such as st worts, chamomile, echnacia
continue eating whole foods. include sweet vegetables and vegetable soups more such as pumpkin, cauliflower, carrots, onions, cabbages etc.
sour and bitter taste help with tired mind as well.
when people are under stress, some nutrients are not absorbed as efficiently or they need more of certain vitamins and minerals.
B vitamins are one of those nutrients. Whole grains and leafy green vegetables supply useful nutrients when you are under such stress. As well as vitamin C and E too as your emotional state comes down your immune system does too.

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