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Saturday, March 26, 2011


"It takes two to make a case of illness: he who gets sick and the bug that bites him" (Galen, the Greek physician)

This book "biochemical individuality" explains why some people are affected by different nutritional and environmental factors in a different degrees.
Why some people become alcoholics and diabetes?
why some people need certain vitamins or minerals more than others?
Even identical twin could be different in their needs for optimal functions.
There are so many debates about which one is the "right diet" High carbohydrate? or high fat and protein? how about vegetarian or vegan diet or low fat diet. No wonder we are so confused.
On the top of that there is a RDA for almost every vitamins and minerals for average person. So what is normal and average? Real persons have highly distinctive patterns of biochemical abilities, needs and responses.

Reading this book deepened my understanding on the importance of treating a person or patient for their individual needs. Unfortunately there is no answers to Your need though. You will need to experiment and listened to your body to know what is right for you and you only.

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