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Monday, March 7, 2011

raw versus cooked

I think I have written about raw food before. (see under raw vegan food (nutrition)) Maybe because it is summer (autumn now I suppose) I have noticed I have been eating things raw more. As my interested grew and more research I did I started finding more reasons to include raw food in my diet.
However traditional macrobiotic diet did not include much uncooked food, except fermented products such as pickles. Ayurveda way of eating also discouraged too much raw food. it is believed that raw food can weaken one's centre, making digestion and assimilation weak, bring on anger and also has a danger of parasites and microbes.
So which is true?
You don't have to be a completely raw all the time or cooking things all time, right?

Even my macrobiotic baked sweets are healthier than lots of others, still using processed flour( even wholemeal flour are processed) and oxidation of oil are a bit of concern. so maybe raw dessert using no dairy, refined sugar and fat I think are better option? a raw chocolate truffle for anyone?

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