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Friday, March 4, 2011

what's for lunch?

making school can be boring. Some kids just want the same thing all the time and some want variety. My daughter used to always want a sandwitch like everyone else and now she is warming up to the idea of having sushi. I was pretty happy about that as I am always trying to get her to eat wholegrains. I also made apple sauce muffins after school a day before. so it went into the lunch box as well.
The muffin was made with mixture of sprouted spelt, buckwheat flour and purple corn flour and ground flaxseed for omega3 boost.
at many schools these days naked foods are promoted. that means no food in a packed or disposable plastic bags. That will not only reduce rubbish it should reduce the amount of processed food that kids will consume. At my daughter's school they promote "healthy"eating. No chips, lollies etc. Even though there will always be some, who will snack on those "junk"food with empty calories, It is a great way to encourage each other and make the parents to be more aware.

Meanwhile this was my afternoon tea. homemade sourdough bread with fermented brown rice and millet and purple corn flour, topped with raw sprouted mung bean pate and activated nuts. Flaxseed oil for my omega3.

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