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Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Such a beautiful morning!
even though it was freezing this morning the sun is out and shining, making me feel so happy. how funny just a simple pleasure like this can lift up your mood so much.
My daughter and I walked to school this morning. We usually ride our bicycle as it is quicker but it was nice to relax and walk together for a change. (She kept running to step on my shadow though) We spotted frost and condensation on spiderwebs on the way and breathed the warm air out from our mouths.
On the way back home someone stopped me and mentioned how my baby was growing quickly. He always saw us walking and riding in the area, watching my daughter grow from a tiny 1 year old baby to now a 7 and half year old. There are a few people like him here. We don't really know them but always say hello and they 'd sometimes mention how my daughter has grown.

When you have time to stop and look around there are so many precious experiences to be had. Slow down a little and appreciate what I have....

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