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Wednesday, June 8, 2011


what are these funny purple creatures!?

I got these purple carrots from the market. When I saw them they seemed a bit tough and bitter but people at the market said they are in fact sweeter and have so much flavour. I was convinced and they were right!
I thought they are a bit like beetroot. My stew was pretty pink colour after cooking...

Another purple vegetable that I am obsessed with at the moment is purple sweet potato or kumara. I found them so moist and sweet. Steam or bake with a bit of seasoning and drizzle a bit of garlic infused extra virgin olive oil. They are my favourite!

carrots and sweet potatoes are high in carotene. they can be converted by the body into vitamin A which is important vitamin for good eyesight, fighting off infection, supporting reproduction, growth and the production of red blood cells and many proteins.
It is nice to nibble on raw carrots and they are indeed healthy, when it comes to these provitamin A carotenoids in vegetables and fruits cooking and eating some fats with them increase the absorption.

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