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Saturday, June 25, 2011

how to cure olives

everywhere you walk in melbourne there are lots of olive trees with ripe fruits at the moment. most of the olives are wasted as people don't have time to or know how to cure them. Organic olives are quite expensive to buy and curing them yourself is not too hard. it just takes a while.

1. cuts to make two lengthways, down to the stone

2. soak the fruits with fresh water and change the water everyday. It depends on how ripe the fruits are. usually dark ones are quicker. taste to see they are not bitter.

3. let brine solution boil and then cool (brine= 1/3 salt and 1 litre water)

4 fill the jar with brine, covering the olives.

5. pour some olive oil to completely cover the olives.

6. seal then leave for 5 weeks

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