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Friday, September 9, 2011

meals on this cold day

no mango and banana smoothies for me today!
it felt so cold this morning but glad to see the sun in the afternoon.

definately a warming soup for breakfast
quinoa and kudzu soup with mochi crotons.
all the ingredients have warming quality. especially ginger, kudzu and mochi with immunity boost from chopped garlic.

a bit warmer this afternoon.
people ask me if I have much bread. I try to avoid mainstream bread. Maybe sourdough bread now and then but usually if I have a craving for a slice or two I might make essece bread with sprouted grains or bread that made of fermented grain instead of starter that uses flour, which I had for lunch today. millet and brown rice was fermented for 3 days and turned into a dough with kudzu and mesquite and millet flour and kudzu. the dough was steamed this morning (steaming is not as contracting as baking)

the bread was topped with tahini and my raw dehydrated crunchy onion rings

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