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Monday, September 26, 2011

why do we eat?

Not many people think about what food is. and why we eat. everyday.
Is it because you are hungry?
because it looks good?
because everyone else is eating?
maybe it is time to eat?

eating is one of the most basic requirement for our survival. We need to eat in order to live. There is no other ways around it.
But in a country like Australia, where there are overflow of foods and different options it is so easy to forget this basic reason.
Do you eat to live? or Do you live to eat?

To find out the purpose of living and achieving my own personal goals and dreams my health is very important. I believe what we eat can support the health of your body and mind in so many ways.
Of course it is not just foods or diet that are cause of unbalances. How we live- our desires, how we treat others and ourselves, how we think- can all have an effect on your health.
It corresponds with all that we receive in our lives. If the results are not desirable for you, you can make better choices so you can change your health and awareness for the better.

Besides from what you are eating, how you eat cause different effects in how you feel.
Even the most nutritious and delicious food can seem tasteless if we are rushing or not being aware of where that food is coming from and thanking for it. the enjoyment of good food and company can create such a joy in our lives.

When people eat for their desire for an instant pleasure they often overeat and overlook where the food comes from. What we choose to eat reflects so much of our ideas and values because it is a message that we are sending to the world around us, affecting many things including all the living things on earth and our environment.

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