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Saturday, November 19, 2011

amazake recipe

When I did a demonstration at World vegan day in Melbourne I took a few food samples to show how cooking can change the energy of the food.
One example was brown rice.
you can have savoury cooked brown rice and also fermented sweet drink/sweetener amazake which is also made from brown rice.
which one do you think is more yin?
remember yen food tends to be colder, sweeter and has more expanding and relaxing energy.

Even though they are both made from the same ingredient, brown rice, amazake is more yin because it has been fermented, sweet and more liquid.

cooking method changes it as well. pressure cooking, cooking in a pot, in a rice cooker, in the oven... They all create different end product.

Anyway, Here is Amazake recipe that was requested on the day.

Make brown rice porridge
-brown rice soaked over night 1 cup
-water 5 cups

rinse and drain the brown rice
cook with water for about 50 minutes.
turn the heat off and rest for 15 minutes.

alternatively you can cook left over brown rice with extra water till it becomes porridge texture

-brown rice porridge 2 cups
-koji 2 cups
-salt (optional)

Mix in Koji with brown rice porridge
leave in a warm place for about 6 hours (depending on the temperature and humidity)
When it is done boil the amazake to stop the fermentation (optional)
when it is cool put in a blender and blend till smooth

If you use amazake as a drink add enough hot water. It can be served hot or cold. specially good with grated ginger


  1. Where would I buy Koji at? I live in Spokane, WA. Is there an online place you would recommend?

  2. Wow! Guess the blog owner disappeared. Check these out.

  3. There is no fermentation associated with this recipe. Mashing, yes. But fermentation, no. The koji-kin (aspergillus orayze) secretes enzymes that convert the rice starches to sugars. If this were fermented, we'd have something close to doburoku.