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Monday, November 28, 2011

gathering at amarant

What a wonderful day I had yesterday. There was a gathering at amaranth, where I once did a catering for a while ago. Amaranth is a retreat place that promotes spirituality growth and good nutrition through raw foods in healsville.
we brought a dish each to share and all our stories to share and inspire each other. The great thing about it was there was no judgements there. We all came from different background and even we are on the similar path at the moment the point we are standing are quite different. But it did not matter and it just created more of the wonderful individuality and inspiration to others.
I met some, who have combated terminal illnesses, some have just started the journey to a good health, beautiful families with children, strong women and men who believe in this way of life and want to share this experience and help others. It was so motivating.

Along my journey one of my most important and also difficult lesson was a self-confidence. Even I believed on something strongly depending on a circumstances or people around I used to sometimes hide my passion or do something that I didn't want to, to please others. By doing that I thought I was showing that I loved them and I cared for them. When I was criticised or thought I was criticised (when I created that story myself) I either quickly retreat and hide behind a mask or became offended and started an argument. I am pleased to say I am better now. I have learned to appreciate ME. I may make mistakes, I may not be perfect, I may be different but there is no need to be an excuse or explanation for who I am. I have learned that I cannot please everyone.

Hopefully I will be doing more with this wonderful institution and keep you updated with what's happening.

Thanks Jules and Hannah for organising this event and all the people who inspired me and for who they are yestersday.

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