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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

while gardening... just my thoughts.

Apart from cooking and maybe going thorough recipes I like gardening. Fortunately I have medium size garden that provide me with many fresh vegetables, herbs and fruits.
Nothing is better than going around the garden and just pick what I feel like for a meal and use it straight away.
Only thing though... they are covered with soil and little creatures! takes a while to wash it all off (probably I don't manage to... well I have to say more B12 for me)
I don't know how those veges can be so much cleaner looking at shops.

While washing my thoughts wonder off to many different places. while I was doing my "washing dance"-to keep the mosquitos away from my legs :-) I often think about my mum's friend who also loves gardening. I remember her saying she doesn't like killing mosquitos. "I just let them have a bit of my blood. They don't take much" I am not there yet!

Then I may think about what my daughter and I were talking about the night before. How busy she is at the fairy land, where she visits almost every night because she is the queen there. Her amazing imagination makes me smile.

Then I may think about my own life. How things are going.
If you are close to me you may know it hasn't been easy lately. I can see the end of the tunnel though, Just a little bit more to go.
While on this journey one of the things that I have learnt is that there is a support around me if I ask for help. Asking help is like knowing that I am not perfect and I don't have to be. and it allowed me to be more humble and appreciate the generosity of my friends and family. opening up my protective self wasn't easy but when I did I received so much more that I expected.

So thank you

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