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Saturday, November 5, 2011

emotional detox after changing diet (raw or eliminating certain foods you used to be addicted to)

I always talked about how changing ones diet has a huge effect on their well beings physically and emotionally. When you improve your diet and start eating healthy it may take a while but your body will start responding positively. For some people the transition process is easy but some it is harder as they experience detoxification.
there are lots of information out there when you go through physical detoxification.
All the toxins that you may have accumulated over the years may come out in different ways such as acne, digestive problems, headaches, other bodily aches and pains, bad breath and body odour etc.
Emotional detoxification can occur as well and the same sort of reasons can be applied. Depression like symptoms, extreme emotions, frustrations, anger may come out. And also because you have eliminated foods that were harder for your body to digest and process you may experience the detoxification faster. That is why in many detox programmes they recommend either single ingredient (in macrobiotic its brown rice only) or liquid (juice or water fasting).
Another thing that can contribute to the emotional up and down is society pressure to eat "mainstream". It doesn't matter if you decide to become vegan, macrobiotic, raw or just eat healthy there are people who may comment on your decision negatively. It may isolate you from some occasions and social events.

There are a few things that I would recommend to do when you are going through the tough times

1, know that you will be OKAY in the end of this tunnel and it is beneficial to your health. Maybe it is a good opportunity to really go low and think about why you are going thorough this detox and the negative feelings are coming out. Remember these emotions are something that you have accumulated in the past and didn't get to process. Possibly it is the time to sort it out.

2. slow down the detox process
If you are not prepared to do a drastic change, especially the previous diet was very different from what you are trying to do now, you can transit more slowly. If you have decide to go 100 % raw you may start with 80% then 90% then 100% when you are ready.
Also you can add more food that take more time to be digested. you will lose some energy in that way but it can slow down the detox effects as well.
exercise is good as the body needs to repair and build after the exercise so detoxification process will slow down and endorphins which can help a person to feel more peaceful and happy, are released.

3 take some herbs.
There are many safe herbs you can take such as st Johns wort, valerian, camomile etc.

4 Make sure your nutrition is adequate. Many vitamins and minerals are associated with depression like symptoms. Vitamin D, B, essential fatty acid, DHA, folic acid

5 simplify your surroundings. If you are surrounded by things and people who don't support you and your decision are they really worthy of your time and energy?

6 don't beat yourself up. One mistake does not kill you. In an ideal world it has to be easy to live naturally and healthfully. But you are not in the ideal world... We are doing the best we can and that is the most important thing. One fall then you can get up again, right?

Good luck


  1. I have gone through some emo detox but have also had a really upbeat emotional change after going Hi raw. After decades of not liking my figure & wanting to hide the 'lumpy bits', I now really like it & cannot 'see' the 'lumps' - when I look in the mirror I see a pleasant figure for a 60 year old woman. My figure has changed a little but it is my outlook that has changed !!!!

  2. Hi there. thanks for leaving the feedback and also sharing your experience.
    There is a pressure to look a certain way in our society and not celebrating our individuality. As you said it is up to us to feel positive about things including about ourselves. we need to be our own best friend...