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Sunday, August 25, 2013

raw carob and white chocolate balls

I know some of you are avoiding cacao for its caffein content. (even though its caffein is quite different from caffein in other sources such as coffee and tea)
you might love a taste of carob, and you may not. I have to say I like carob but it is not my "cacao"
Anyway mixing carob and cacao butter is my way of getting close to the chocolate flavour we love.
Cacao butter is the fat portion of the cacao nib, which caffein is concentrated in. thus no caffein in cacao butter.

Because Carob is naturally sweet you don't even need to add any sweetener. just a natural energy packed ball, perfect for snacking ;-)

Carob and white chocolate ball

1 cup melted cacao butter
2 cup almond, grounded to powder
1/2 cup raw carob
pinch of salt

extra carob for coating

Process all the ingredients in a food processor and roll the dough into balls. 

coat with more carob powder


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