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Friday, May 7, 2010

my renewed garden

I have been a bit slack... My garden was looking so empty and sad. Well.. not anymore! I went to ceres and got heaps of goodies for my garden soil. And after a couple of hours (and about $80)..... great improvement!
I even made a kind of hot house for
my seeds. kale, celery, bok choy and cabbage. Now I just have to wait for a week for the fertiliser to settle and plant more seeds. (planning to plant onions, carrots, watercress etc.)
I got some live worms too for a worm farm. It was left here when I moved in and I have nev
er used it.
I hope in a few weeks I can post exciting photos (as my garden flourish!) I do need a bit of luck though I am not know to have green thumb....

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