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Saturday, May 15, 2010

omnivores dilemma by michael pollen 2

I have finished reading "omnivores dilemma".
No wonder it is one of the best selling books on the industrial food issues. The book is well written and contain lots of (scary) informations.
He mentions three options in the book.
1) look away
2)be a vegetarian/vegan
3)look and obtain yourself.
I can't look away and pretend that it is not happening. I don't think I can go and hunt my dinner. (though I do and will grow and gather) So my choice was quite obvious.

One of the very interesting topics that he talks about is a industrial organic businesses. Personally I always try to buy from small organic businesses. Though I have to admit without these industrial businesses the whole organic and sustainable industry would not have become as mainstream as it is today. Because if it is a choice between a conventional and organic/bio dynamic I will always choose latter option.

there will always be a tricky situation. conventional and local or organic and overseas? how about low quality organic products or high quality small conventional businesses?
Question I always ask myself is if I really need it. For example you want to make a lentil soup. You go to a shop and see there is a bag of organically grown lentil from china. do you really need that lentil? or can you replace that with australian organic chickpeas instead?
Do you need to have a banana that has traveled from Queensland or can you eat a local new-season crispy fuji apple? (I am in melbourne)

remember we have a choice...

Here is a picture of these beautiful fuji apples. it must be the best apple season this year
... sorry I couldn't help myself

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